The technology factory as a APP

The technology factory as a APP

Clear view of the important things allows our new iPad app. Simply the APP Store download to your iPad ...


Start your business!

Start your business!

Sie haben eine innovative Idee und möchten diese einfach erst einmal Schritt für Schritt entwickeln? Dann ist das "Büro der Zukunft" genau das Richtige für Sie...


Services from A to Z

Services from A to Z

We offer a variety of services to save time and costs . Whether IT , facility , security or meeting rooms ...


The location for your success!

The location of the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe is excellent for young companies. The Karlsruhe TechnologieRegion offers an ideal climate for growth, with a varied mix of groups, medium-sized companies and many innovative start-ups.

Here innovation and inventiveness fall on fertile ground. In addition to an excellent research infrastructure and technology transfer, you will find the best traffic conditions and short distances. And: Karlsruhe is one of the strongest economic regions in a nationwide comparison.

Innovationen at work!

Innovations need a versatile development environment. A network of universities, research institutions, companies, transfer facilities and start-up initiatives ensures that you will always find suitable partners for your concern.

The CCI Karlsruhe is on hand to assist you with your service portfolio. The central location and immediate proximity to universities and research institutions makes it easier to initiate collaborations and find qualified partners and employees.

Space for your ideas.

It is a long way from the idea to the market-driven implementation. The Technologiefabrik supports local companies with services that help develop an economically viable concept from an innovative idea.

Our specific strength: integrated support. It ensures that young companies can focus on the important things – the development of their services and products, as well as the growth of their company.