Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) – What exactly do they do again?

It goes without saying that you, as a start-up from the Technologiefabrik, also benefit directly from the expertise of our parent company the IHK Karlsruhe.


The IHK Karlsruhe informs, advises, and promotes the success of its members. For example, it is the primary contact for corporate matters from industry information about business and contract law to customs regulations. From start-up to established company, a team of experts ensures that companies are kept up to date on business-related issues. Having a regular exchange with our members, the IHK is always close by so that companies from all industries and of all types, and sizes receive personalised and reliable service.
For example, the IHK organises dual-degrees, appointed and sworn specialists, or issues foreign trade documents. Networking is also an important component which is why the IHK hosts numerous specialist and networking events at their Haus der Wirtschaft. In the IHK committees such as the General Meeting, governing bodies, and task forces, entrepreneurs participate actively in the work of the IHK and set common goals.



Ihr braucht eine Info, Einschätzung oder Unterstützung in einem speziellen Bereich? Sprecht uns einfach an, wir stellen für euch direkt den Kontakt zur richtigen Person in der IHK Karlsruhe her. Dort hilft man euch gerne, schnell und unkompliziert weiter.

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