The Karlsruher Gründerallianz …

… an amalgamation of all active institutions and agencies in the area
of existence founding promotion and support in Karlsruhe. These include, among others, the Chamber of Commerce of Karlsruhe, the HWK Karlsruhe, the municipal economic development, the Technologiefabrik, the CyberForum, the universities and a number of founder initiatives.

The Karlsruhe Gründerallianz develops, plans and realises events for entrepreneurs; it networks consultants with founders and represents the common image to the public. The Gründersommer 2013 paved the way to the Karlsruhe Gründerallianz, a versatile kick off series of events followed each year by new events and aspects.

fokus.energie – powered by ideas

Dedicated entrepreneurs from the region of Karlsruhe founded the new energy
network “fokus.energie”. As an innovation platform, it is open to any form of sustainable production and efficient use of energy as well as for dedicated and creative users and stakeholders. Regular events encourage exchanges between new and established players.

fokus.energie is an initiative of dedicated entrepreneurs in the region. New impetuses for a sustainable energy future are provided. People are brought together and expand their knowledge and expertise through continuing education.

fokus.energie promotes and supports ideas, companies and projects. The network is independent and open to any sustainable technology for the production, storage, distribution and efficient use of energy. Founders, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors are

given a trustworthy platform for the exchange of visions and talents.

fokus.energie links the strong players in research, education, SMEs and large companies with the creativity of committed start-ups. Together with existing initiatives, the reputation of the region as an international competence centre for energy is being expanded and consolidated.

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