Economic region of Karlsruhe

Founded in 1715 by Karl-Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Durlach, the city of Karlsruhe can look back on a 300-year history. The city is more innovative than ever; ideas, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit have a high priority in Karlsruhe. Excellent potential in technology, science, economics and multifaceted educational opportunities, as well as a rich and vibrant cultural landscape make Karlsruhe liveable and likeable: especially the exceptionally high quality of life which is reflected in the Baden way of life and the friendly flair of the “fan city” are reasons that people feel at home and love living in Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe is an excellent university and scientific location closely linked with the regional economy whether it is the invention of the bicycle, automobile, electromagnetic waves or the receipt of the first e-mail in Germany. In Karlsruhe, innovation and inventiveness fall on fertile ground. In addition to excellent research infrastructures and technology transfers, the economic region also offers best logistic and traffic conditions and short distances. No wonder that Karlsruhe has been found to be one of the strongest economic regions in a nationwide comparison.

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Baden-Wuerttemberg is the third largest German state and one of the leading economic regions in Germany and in Europe. World famous corporations are here, just like thousands of successful small and medium-sized businesses. Baden-Wuerttemberg is characterised by innovation and enthusiasm for invention. With its high productivity and a very low unemployment rate, economic strength in Baden-Wuerttemberg is well above the average for all EU States.

Creativity, ingenuity, hard work and innovation in business, education, science and culture have made Baden-Wuerttemberg one of the world’s most successful regions.


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