Working and living in the Karlsruhe Oststadt.

The Karlsruhe Oststadt which is lovingly known as the Quartier to residents. It lies to the East of the city centre and is bordered by the gates of the Durlach district The Oststadt – the quadratur of knowledge, creativity, technology, and the way of life – is embedded between the KIT (University), the creative location < Alter Schlachthof > and a young entrepreneurial culture that has found its domain in the Technologiefabrik, the Cyberforum, the TechnologiePark, the Hoepfnerburg and the entire Oststadt.

This entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of optimism is coupled with an almost Mediterranean lifestyle, between students, young families and old residents in the Oststadt. The district is characterised by vividness, cafés, bars, shops, playgrounds, large green areas and forests and a culturally diverse togetherness. Watching the bustling nightlife and with its strongholds, the SUBWAY Music Club, the JAZZ CLUB and the famous TOLLHAUS known across the region earn the label lifestyle.

In the coming years, the QUARTIER ZUKUNFT is to be built in the Oststadt. In a temporary experiment room, the city laboratory, sustainable city living of the future will be tested and developed. Succes-promising technical and social innovations from the KIT are to be implemented as well as project ideas from the middle of its dedicated and creative urban society. Aligned with the guidelines of sustainable development, the QUARTIER ZUKUNFT functions on the mutual fertilisation and collaboration between science, politics, citizenship and private enterprise.

Nucleus Oststadt – that is the heart of the city already today, the epitome of innovation, employment and quality of life.

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