Association of Technology and Business Incubation Centres in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Association of Technology and Business Incubation Centres in Baden-Wuerttemberg has set itself the task of promoting the exchange of experience between the innovation centres, technology and business incubators and technology parks. The contact to technology transfer facilities to trade and industry, the country, the subordinate authorities, as well as to the districts and local authorities should be promoted and the connections to banks, savings banks and venture capital companies expanded.

The centres in Baden-Wuerttemberg joined forces in 1990; in 2000, followed the formal founding as a registered association. Over 30 centres are actively involved as members of the Association. In the centres, over 2,000 companies have been supported on their way to entrepreneurial independence creating more than 20,000 jobs.


ADT Bundesverband

The ADT is the Federal Association of German Innovation, Technology and Incubation Centres as well as of science and technology parks. Founded in 1988, it aims to support technology transfer and innovation and business start-ups and entrepreneurial developments.

The performance and further development of technology and business incubators, as well as their competencies for the support of innovative business start-ups plays an important role. Currently, about 150 innovation, technology and founder centres are members in the

federal association. The Technologiefabrik is a member of the association and was one of the first members since its founding.



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