With lots of spirit in the future.

Many companies with innovative ideas and products work in the Technologiefabrik. Good ideas need space as we know so that they can develop and ultimately be realised. Start-ups will find this space in the Technologiefabrik. The important prerequisites for the successful growth of young companies are understanding of intensive entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the many adequate services.

Spaces with individual growth!

The Technologiefabrik enables entrepreneurs to develop spatially flexibly. It is possible to use more or less space depending on the growth stage. What makes this so special: We can react quickly and simply to the individual needs. Whether as a start-up or young dynamic company – you can develop very flexibly and steadily not only in content, but also spatially in the Technologiefabrik.

The Technologiefabrik has a total of 260 rooms, of which 200 are for companies and another 60 rooms are for research and educational institutions. Currently, about 80 companies are based in-house.

To get information about each company, follow the links on the company logos.

AB+M GmbH • Atlatec UG • autoVimation GmbH • AVL Deutschland GmbH • celanio GmbH • CiK Solutions GmbH • codekunst GmbH • Deutsche Multiauskunftei GmbH • Dino Robotics UG • Dr. Kellner Technische Unternehmensberatung • EBM Wärme GmbH • EnSoC e.V. • Eoos Technologies GmbH • EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH • Falquez, Pantle und Pritz GbR • FormLED GmbH • Gawlik-Rau -market-Ing.- • GREIF Laborlösungen GmbH • HStreaming GmbH • HYDRON GmbH • IHK-Bildungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH • Intelligent Research in Sponsoring GmbH • Intrepid Control Systems GmbH • it-Salesteam • Junghans und Schneider GmbH & Co. KG • Kicin Sébastien • KIT • KIT – IMP/IZBS • KIT/CES/CNDC • KIT/IAM/KWT • Kröhnert Infotecs GmbH • livedooh GmbH • MARLO Consultants GmbH • MATRIX VISION GmbH • Mehrkant GmbH • Mehrwerk AG • Mindoo GmbH • Mokih GmbH • MYESTRO Interactive GmbH • NAPOLI – DESIGN • Next Iteration • nova GmbH • optimiSE GmbH • PIWI • PNO – PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. • PROCITEC GmbH • PumpUnion GmbH • Queißer Gschwandtl GmbH • Qymatix Solutions GmbH • race result AG • Real Thoughts GmbH • REWOO TECHNOLOGIES AG • Risklayer UG • RIVA Online Technologies UG • rz-robotics • semedy GmbH • SERVO-ROBOT GmbH • ServoTech GmbH • simus systems GmbH • sirutec GmbH • Smart Geomatics Informationssysteme GmbH • SMI Cognitive Software GmbH • Synvoll GbR • Takon GmbH • TDWsoft GmbH • Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe GmbH • ToolTec • Tucson AZ GmbH • VEROMED International AG • Videmo • ViGEM GmbH • VISOLAS GmbH • webpoint edv-service • Wechselfuchs UG • WELOTEC GmbH • Zettwerk Software Engineering GmbH

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