In the Technologiefabrik, around 80 companies are currently located which are active in a wide variety of technological industries. Whether information and communication technologies, measuring and testing technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation engineering or environmental technology – a wide range is covered by the companies in the Technologiefabrik. These companies offer an interesting and dynamic workplace for over 350 people.

Since the founding of the Technologiefabrik, over 350 companies have been supported. Over 6,500 jobs have been created by these companies. Over 97 percent of these companies have grown successfully and are now stable and well established businesses of importance. Thus our rate is considerably higher than the national average – something we are proud of.

Today the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe is model for many innovation, technology and business incubators both in Germany and abroad.


We have supported more than 350 companies.


More than 6,500 jobs have created by the resident enterprises.


97% success rate of the supported companies.

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