Tech BBQ & Tech-Breakfast

Networking – Exchanging ideas – Feeling good. This is the motto of the Tech-BBQ and Tech-Breakfast that we regularly organise for you.

Tech BBQ & Tech-Breakfast


It is important for us that you feel comfortable with your start-up at the Technologiefabrik and get to know new people quickly. The focus is therefore on relaxed networking.

Enjoying good food makes it easier and better to network, to meet new people, and to socialise. As we welcome new companies to the Technologiefabrik every year, our goal is to help them quickly network with existing start-ups. Everyone pulls together, like a big family. There are so many innovative and exciting people at the Technologiefabrik, it would be a real pity if you didn’t get to know them.

And that is precisely why we have set ourselves the goal of promoting networking more intensively. A pitch event where new and existing companies from the Technologiefabrik pitch and introduce themselves and their ideas will also be a regular feature. This makes collaboration a lot easier, and many start-ups have already found partners for their developments and projects.