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Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe

A passion for start-ups.

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A passion for start-ups.

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Mitte September haben wir mit über 800 Teilnehmern die Premiere der #Zukunftstüftler gefeiert – Hier findet Ihr die Highlights.

Innovation meets inventiveness

The path from idea to innovation needs not only time but also space. Unfortunately, we can’t influence time, but we can provide you with the right space for your company – and in an extremely attractive location. With a varied combination of research facilities and innovative start-ups, the Technologiefabrik in the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe is a tech-incubator and innovation hub and as such, offers the ideal environment for your entrepreneurial future.

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Being well connected is half the battle

We support you with the necessary services so that you can concentrate on the essentials. With our network of universities, research institutions, and companies, we can always find the right contact person for your requests.

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80 +


80+ companiesare currently located at Haid-und-Neu-Straße 7, developing innovative ideas and products.

500 +


500+ peoplework daily in the Technologiefabrik. Most of them work in technology-focused start-ups, while several are also active in the education and research field.

30 +


30+ nationsare represented here. These include company founders from Haiti, to employees from Chile – all working together under one roof.

»Die Technologiefabrik bietet uns Nähe zum Karlsruher Startup-Ökosystem und flexible Unterstützung bei unseren unternehmerischen Herausforderungen«


Oliver Kuppler Selfbits GmbH

Oliver Kuppler Selfbits GmbH

»Die Technologiefabrik und ihr Team bieten ein ideales Umfeld mit optimaler Infrastruktur für junge Unternehmen: Kompetent, türöffnend und sehr freundlich!«


Philipp Csernalabics Neohelden GmbH

Philipp Csernalabics Neohelden GmbH