The Technologiefabrik was born at the beginning of the 80s with a brand new concept from the former sewing machine factory >Haid und Neu<, later Singer. The idea: to support and strength young companies through services and growing premises on their entrepreneurial path. The Technologiefabrik has fulfilled these tasks with continually new and contemporary services down to the present day.

For over 30 years, the Technologiefabrik has been one of the most successful business incubators nationwide. It is not only the interface between research, science and business, but here, company founders get the space and support to cope with the first years of entrepreneurial autonomy with all its obstacles.

The vision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karlsruhe, which, in 1983, had the courage to take responsibility for the concept, has paid off. Still today, the Technologiefabrik is a 100% subsidiary of the CCI Karlsruhe and is, nationally as well as throughout Europe, one of the largest and most successful business incubators for start-up companies.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karlsruhe has a wealth of experience due to their varied tasks. It is partner, advising body and information hub for companies in the Technologiefabrik.

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