The IHK Karlsruhe is a mouthpiece for the regional economy and represents companies’ interests when dealing with the government, the authorities, local communities and public institutions. For this reason, it is committed, for example, to a better infrastructure, advocates better framework conditions, promotes the business location and economic exchange both locally and globally. It also supports the technology transfer between science and industry within the framework of the 3rd mission.

For businesses, the Chamber of Commerce of Karlsruhe is a partner, advisor and information hub. In this way, it offers a broad spectrum of services to the economy. The service ranges from A as in “Abfallberatung [Waste disposal advice]” to Z as in “Zollformulare [Customs forms]”. The Chamber of Commerce of Karlsruhe also takes over sovereign tasks. Here, the state has delegated duties to the Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce as the self-administration of the regional economy which otherwise would have to be taken over by authorities. The service range is diverse. Organisation of apprenticeship training, issuance of notarisations of export documents or export opinions on the commercial register entry are just a few examples.

The Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce acts as independent experts and consultants in politics and administration and contributes to laws. The companies which are located in the Technologiefabrik benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of the CCI Karlsruhe. Contact us for more information.

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